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To kick things off with a real bang, you’ll find our first speaker on page 36 in your speaker workbook. Mark J. Lindquist is a world-touring entertainer, author and actor who has appeared in ABC’s LOST, CBS’ Hawaii Five-O and the Universal Studios movie “Battleship.”  Mark is a former Sergeant in the United States Air Force and an Afghanistan War Veteran who performs the National Anthem for the largest crowds in America. Please welcome Mark!





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[INTRODUCTION FOR Bill Stainton  (STAYN-tun)]


Let’s turn to page 52.  Have you ever had to produce results under pressure? Our next speaker did it every week for 15 years. For 15 years, Bill Stainton was the Executive Producer of Seattle’s legendary comedy TV show, Almost Live! During that time, Bill won 29 Emmy Awards…thus shattering his dream of winning THIRTY Emmy Awards. At the same time, he led his team to 10 straight years of number one ratings, as well as over 100 Emmy Awards of their own. And along the way, Bill worked with people far more famous than him, including Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Ellen DeGeneres. Clearly, Bill knows something about producing under pressure, and today you’re going to learn about how the right team can make all the difference. Please join me in welcoming…Bill Stainton!


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[INTRODUCTION FOR Michael Anthony]


and We now turn to page 26 for Michael Anthony, a best-selling author, body language expert and corporate speaker. Michael educates and trains sales teams how to effectively use their bodies to communicate more effectively and to know what the other side is truly thinking.  His keynote program, Shut Up & Sell With Your Body gives sales professionals, managers and executives a real world, unfair persuasive advantage.  As an author, Michael wrote the best-selling book Body Language Secrets, How to Read Minds by Reading Bodies. Many have called this book “the only body language book you’ll ever need to read.”  Please welcome, Michael Anthony.



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Please turn to page 26 for a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jeff Havens has quickly become one of the most in-demand presenters in North America.  His truly unprecedented ability to deliver high-quality education in an undeniably entertaining way has earned him dozens of repeat clients, all of whom appreciate Jeff’s insistence that education is the only way that we improve at anything and that we’ll all improve better and faster if we enjoy the learning process.  By combining the content of the traditional presentation with the entertainment value of a comedy show, Jeff has found enthusiastic audiences in government, academia, small businesses and several Fortune 50 companies, all while still being one of the youngest members of the professional speaking circuit.

These scripts were written for 24 speakers in total, divided into 6 groups. This sample is the first group of one event. 

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