Initial Phone Call Script


Recon Call.  (If you do not know the name of the person you need to talk to.)

Hello, this is [Name], I need to send some information to the person that is responsible for ordering dental supplies for your office.  Who would that be?  (Get Name Of Contact).

Great.  And how do you spell that?  Ok.  And one last question, what you say is the best time to reach him/her?  Super. 


Getting Past the Gatekeeper

 [Name of Contact] Please.  (do not volunteer any add’l info to the receptionist.)

               Receptionist:  Who is calling?

This is [Your Name], can you connect me, please?

               Receptionist: Who are you with?

I’m with [Company Name], please put me through.

               Receptionist: What’s this regarding

Please tell [Contact’s Name) that I have the answer to the questions about the [product you represent].

The goal is to not give too much information at one time, since the gatekeeper’s job is to keep you from getting to your contact. The more questions you can answer without getting disqualified, the more likely you are to get through. 

First Contact  (once you’re talking to the right person)

[Contact]? (wait for response)  [Contact], this is [Your Name] with [Company].  We specialize in (insert benefits) without (insert typical problems).  As a matter of fact, we just recently (insert “new news”).  And I was wondering if there was any reason why you want to learn a little bit more about it?

Once you have permission to continue you start to ask a few questions to “qualify” your prospect.  The five qualifier are:  1) Need;  2) Want;  3) Budget;  4) Decision Maker;  5) Decision Mode.  Create your questions to determine if they pass these tests.



(Decision Maker)

Other than yourself, who else in your office would need to consult with before making a final decision about where to get your [insert product or service].


What type of [produce category] are you currently using?  (if they give you an answer to this, they obviously use the types of products you offer.  If they say they don’t use them, you can disqualify them, thank them nicely and hang up so you don’t waste your time.)

(Want)  Would they consider changing suppliers

Let me ask you this: if there was one thing that you could change about [current supplier or product] that would make it better for you, what would that be?  I see.  Why do you say that.  (probe for some details.  Identify their pain.)


(Trial Close)

So, if I understand you correctly, if you had a [product] that did A, B, and C without the issues of X, Y and Z, would you consider giving it a try?

If “yes.”

(Close The Appointment/Next Step)   Once you qualify the prospect

You know, [contact] its sound like we might have what you’re looking for.  Let me suggest this.  What I’d like to do is set up a time when I can give the basic background on our [product] including various pricing options and specs.  Then I can answer all your questions and see if it makes sense to explore working together.  Would that make sense