Logo Designs
CERTIFIED Gold Background copy.png

The Certified Instructor and WSKF Press  logo/patch followed the basic design elements of the organizations logo. It was to provide a unique identification but in continuity with the WSKF brand.  

3D Dark Red No Backgrd.png
flash drive SF logo Red open.png

Created from existing an existing font then enhance in Photoshop.  The concept was to have he feel of "graffiti" but readable. 

wizard logo green copy.png

This tornado graphic was created from a freehand "doodle." It was then incorporated into the entire logo design. using a standard font.

CCA Logo 2010.png
CCA old logo.png

The CCA logo/seal need a refresh. Using PhotoShop, I ept the basic recognized branding elements while updating the the graphic. 

Book Cover Designs
More Smart Marketing Front Cover Only.jp
Zen Window FRONT cover.jpg
Smart Selling FRONT Cover.jpg
Promise FRONT COVER 5-10 new font.jpg

I am NOT a trained graphic artist. I can do some basics. Depending on the complexity of the artwork and budget, I can serve as an art director and delegate the final camera-ready art. 

The samples below are ones that I designed and executive myself. 

WSKF Press Logo_edited-2.jpg

Original logo/patch

Original logo/seal

One application of the logo on an audio/video product

Cardinals Royals New Cover.jpg

The final artwork for Royals book was done by a graphic artist under my direction.