Case Histories Executive Summaries 

MOE'S SOUTHWEST GRILL.  I developed and implemented a comprehensive local marketing program designed to be executed on the community level by the restaurant franchisee and/or General Manager.  These local marketing tactics were fully vetted and proved to generate new customers without additional ad spend or more than a couple hours a week.  The test group of 26 units in four markets (compared to the control group) showed an average increase in top line sales by 5%. 

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WORLD SHORIN-RYU KARATEDO FEDERATION.  The WSKF Chairman, Hanshi Frank Grant, was tasked with providing the Mastsubayshi-Ryu system of Okinawan Karate with the vision and approached the system's creator, Master Shoshin Nagamine. These published items were designed to avoid political conflict with other factions within the system. The products also developed into a major fund-raising source for the organization.  I ghost wrote the book as well as converted the manuscript to an uploadable format for publication. A Kindle version and audio version of the book were also published. To target a narrow audience, email, social media, industry publications, and events were all utilized. 

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REDPROPELLER SPEAKERS BUREAU. As Showcase Producer & Manager I had to juggle many moving parts to deliver a series of promotional Professional Speaker Showcases at major cities for The RedPropeller Speakers Bureau. These showcases were their primary marketing approach and I was able to leverage these events into a powerful sales outreach program for the Account Execs. This was enhanced with promotional efforts by phone, mail, email and social media. It also became a very profitable venture in its own right.  To promote the showcases a combination of media was used including personal phone calls, email marketing, social media, events and industry banner ads. 

CONSUMERS' CHOICE AWARDS.  Over a six-year period I created a number of innovations and improvements to the cut the overhead dramatically while adding a major co-branding media campaign. Using Broadcast TV, radio, outdoor, daily newspaper, social media, events and publicity to build the brand awareness and increase participation and licensing.  

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WIZARD OF BIZ.  I wrote and produced this full-length musical parody show educated audience members in a compelling and entertaining way. It was produced in New York and performed several times where the content was customized for a particular audience. The performance pictured here was presented at the annual convention for the National Speakers Association in Washington, DC. The focus was how to "sell" your services to the meeting planners.