Case History: WSKF

Writing, editing and publishing the book, ebook, audiobook, and workbook.

Strategic marketing to increase brand equity

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​To establish Hanshi Frank Grant as the recognized authority on all the technical aspects of Matsubayashi-Ryu, one of the original and traditional forms of Okinawan Karatedo. Hanshi Grant was tasked to instruct and share the vision and techniques as requested by the Master, Shoshin Nagamine. However, bringing the various factions together is no easy task. 


Write the Manuscript.  The first step was to ghostwrite the manuscript for the book as well as come up with the concept/content and title of the book. To avoid a clash of egos, I came up with the title, My Promise to the Master, since that describes the relationship between these two men. The title demonstrates that the techniques were handed down directly from the master and under his request, Grant is now sharing that vision and information in this book. 


​Create The Camera Ready Version.  Once this was completed, we looked at publishers. This book has a very narrow target audience and the WSKF has the email lists, phone numbers, addresses, social media, and events to reach most of them. It did not make sense to go through a traditional publisher since all of the heavy lifting would be done within the WSKF. So, using Adobe In-Design, I converted the manuscript into the camera-ready version needed for self-publication. I chose Amazon's Create Space for this. The book would instantly be available on and pay a 50% royalty instead of the normal 10%.  Plus, WSKF could buy the books in small quantities for about $3.50 each. A publisher would only offer a 50% discount off the retail price of $29.95.  (That's a difference of $11.48 for each book sold directly to WSKF members!)

Kindle Version.  With the camera version already available, I was then able to use Adobe In-Design to create the Kindle Version which created additional exposure and revenue. 

Audio Book.  The next obvious step was to make it into an audiobook and available through iTunes and Audible. I used Adobe Audition to record and edit the audio tracks and for simplicity's sake, I used my voice on the project. (Listen to the Preface by clicking on the link on the right.) ​WSKF made me the "Editor & Chief" of all the published properties of the organization. We used professional photographers to illustrate the book and I served as the "art director" for that part of it.  


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Audio Book Sample: Preface

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The Journal version of the book abridged with additional places for taking notes. Many students preferred not to write in their original book so I created this companion piece which also generated additional revenue.